Director's statement

Normally you wouldn’t see cancer and comedy in one sentence, and it might feel uncomfortable, even uninviting, as being deathly ill is generally not considered a laughing matter. In speaking with numerous cancer survivors and people who have experienced cancer in their family, I have learned that people tend to more often than not take it surprisingly well, and many like Stewart say that keeping a healthy, happy attitude is crucial for overcoming anything that life might throw at you. With our movie, The Chuck Band Show, we want to first and foremost share this mentality and philosophy, and also increase male cancer awareness!

Based on a true story, the film explores the use of humor in dealing with cancer, divorce, and emotional understanding. The film will be shot in the style of a mockumentary, where the characters are entirely fictional but at the same time lifelike to make the experience more real.

On the 5th of March, we launched a crowdfunding campaign on Hooandja to help with funding the film. For supporting please visit the project page at Hooandja

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