Who is Chuck Band?

Chuck Berger is an American radio DJ self-exiled to Estonia, the North Dakota of northern Europe. He lives there because of his wife, Helena. His alter ego is Chuck Band, whom Chuck desperately wants to be funny, but he just…isn’t. The harder he tries, the harder he fails, and not only at being funny. He wants to be the perfect husband, the cool DJ, the healthy man. Instead, his wife wants to leave him, his station manager wants to fire him, and one of his testicles wants to kill him.

In Chuck’s mind, his life, like his parents, has always let him down. He needs to learn not to run from his problems, but to be assertive, and put his foot down, while standing up for himself.

Who is Helena?

Helena is a strong, professional, modern woman who has been married to Chuck for ages. She excels at her career in international banking and is frustrated that Chuck isn’t getting anywhere with his. They have also been trying to have a child, but without success. As a result of all of this, she begins to have serious doubts about their marriage before the film even begins.

When she learns of Chuck’s diagnosis, she too feels trapped by cancer, struggling to understand the differences between love, and happiness.

Who is Hendrik?

Hendrik is Chuck’s boss, who seems very reserved, and would never break any rules. He is definitely someone whom Chuck would typically avoid at all costs. When Hendrik finds out the man he just fired has cancer, we discover that he has been leading a double life all along. A mild-mannered station manager by day, a rap-battling prodigy by night, capable of the most sinister insults imaginable.

Having lost his mother in a bizarre train accident, where the train actually fell on her, he is a no-nonsense-talking guy who lives and loves life every moment he can. Hendrik is the friend everyone should have, and be.

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