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Pildid / - - - Stewart JohnsonStewart Johnson is an American stand-up comedian and former radio DJ who has lived in Estonia for over 20 years. He is one of the founding members of the first stand-up comedy troupe there, aptly called Comedy Estonia. He regularly performs stand-up and has made audiences laugh in more than ten countries, including on military bases in Afghanistan and Lebanon, and has made numerous appearances on television and radio.

 Moreover, Stewart has a penchant for writing, and takes full advantage of his unusual ability to find humor in tragedy, which, according to him, is largely due to the fact that he is a magnet for the bizarre. Without apology, he firmly believes that laughter is a good first step in dealing with loss, which is why his wife and children routinely hear him chuckling while looking for his keys.

Stewart was treated for testicular cancer, which had metastasized. He is convinced to this day that having a healthy and happy attitude was crucial for his successful cancer treatment, and wants to share this belief with the world. Stewart, who portrays Chuck Berger in the film, also co-wrote the script.

Pildid / - - - Marta LaanMarta Laan, a veritable television superstar in Estonia, has played more than 40 roles in her highly successful career, including on the stage. In addition to winning multiple acting awards, she has also toured nationally as a singer. Marta portrays Helena, whose husband is Chuck.

Pildid / - - - Henry KõrvitsHenry Kõrvits, perhaps better known by his stage name Genka, is essentially the godfather of Estonian rap. Hugely influential in the Estonian music industry for over two decades, he is also a producer and actor with numerous films under his belt. Henry portrays Hendrik, Chuck’s station manager and confidant.

Pildid / - - - Aivo RannikAivo Rannik
Aivo Rannik is an up-and-coming cinematographer with extensive feature film experience, being part of the camera and lighting crews of fifteen feature films. Aivo has directed the photography of numerous short films and is currently working on three feature-length documentaries. He is also trained as a chef.

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